Update (2018-07-31): Libravatar is not going away

After more than 7 years online, the Libravatar service will shut down on 2018-09-01:

  • If you are a user, your account will be deleted on 2018-09-01 (including backups). Should you want to export your account first, simply login and click on the export option.
  • If you use Libravatar on your site, you will need to switch to a different service before that time. Unfortunately, we do not know of an equivalent free-as-in-freedom service.

We would like to sincerely thank all of the people who have:

  • sponsored the main server: Lars Wirzenius, Andy Chilton and Rackspace.
  • run mirrors: GPLHost, WebConverger, Christian Weiske, Melissa Draper.
  • contributed libraries: Chris Forbes, fr33domlover, Kang-min Liu, strk and others.
  • supported the project financially through Flattr, Gittip/Gratipay and Liberapay.
  • translated Libravatar so that we could be available in 16 languages.

as well as Jonathan Harker and Brett Wilkins for their early code contributions and enthusiasm.

If you are interested in taking the service over, please get in touch and we will look at transferring the service over to you. It's a Debian, Postgres, Django, Python stack.

You are welcome to coordinate on the shutdown coordination wiki page should you wish to connect with others who might be interested in taking over the service.

A retrospective has also been posted on the founder's blog.