The Libravatar project is part of a movement working to give control back to people, away from centralised services and the organisations running them. It addresses a simple problem: putting a face on an email address.

By using our service, you can choose what picture to display next to the comments you leave on other people's blogs or next to your forum posts. Furthermore, if you own a domain name, you can choose to opt out of our service and run our free software on your own server, on your own terms.

If you run a website or are the author of a web application, you can use our API (or one of the available libraries) to serve these images to your users without having to worry about hosting them yourself.

The project was inspired by the work of the autonomous group and came about because we really like Gravatar and wanted to make sure that a similar service would be part of a free-as-in-freedom network.

You can find a detailed description of Libravatar on our wiki and if it sounds like an interesting project to you, please consider becoming a contributor!