One year ago, a new freedom-respecting online service went live. That's right, has just turned 1!

We'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Lars Wirzenius and Braawi who believed in the project and graciously provided hosting to get us going and present this free-as-in-freedom new avatar hosting approach to the World.

Since the server that Libravatar is currently hosted on will be decommissioned in a few weeks, we will be transitioning to a new temporary hosting place during the 3-4 December weekend. There will be a short outage on the main website, but the image-serving service will not be interrupted since it is run entirely on our mirror network.

Unfortunately this also means that Libravatar will stop being available over IPv6 until we can find a new IPv6-enabled hosting place or a suitable technical arrangement.

So we are now looking for a new hosting sponsor. If you have ideas of who to talk to or if you are interested in being associated with a young Open Source project and can provide us with a small VPS, please get in touch!